Our Focus is
Smart City, Simplified

We craft solutions for smart cities.

We Develop
Geographical Information Systems

Let's design the world.

Our Services

Data Management

We offer a complete data management services. We provide analysis services, monitoring equipment and can install and maintain the systems, transfer the data to our customer data servers, validate the data and provide the customer with reports as desired. This service can be customized as per client’s requirements.

Statistics for Planning

We offer certain useful statistics in a simple and convenient manner which saves time and provide relevant and reliable data for decision making & planning.

Transfer of Technology

Our different variants have the capability of transfer of technology as per client’s available resources and capacity.

Consultancy & Training

We have a team of individuals apt in their fields with practical experience. We have the capability to provide consultancy and training to various agencies for different projects.

Some of Our Products and Solutions

    • TrafficEye
    • Keep an eye on City Traffic
    • SimpliCam
    • Smart IoT enabled Cameras.

Smart City, Simplified!

Simplicity in Simplicity Labs is not that simple. It lies in what we are inspired by. We want to build Smart and Intelligent system for improving Mobility of people and vehicles in a Proactive way to make life more Livable and systems more Interactive in a future CITY.

S mart

I ntelligent

M obility

P roactive

L ivable

I nteractive

Sensing and communication system

Data management and enrichment

Advanced data analytics

Wide suite of essential smart city applications